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Arsenal can become better

Petr Cech has stated that the best is still to come for Arsenal.

He was speaking after the win at Southampton where the Gunners only managed to win the game in the dying second of the match. He admitted that the team is still a work in progress, but he believes that the team will become better as the season goes by.

He said that there are some good players in the team at the moment and that this is creating a competition for places. This means that only the best in-form players will get a chance to be on the pitch and this is helping the club progress.

Petr Cech believes that the team can mount a serious challenge for the Premier League title and that it is important that they remain consistent. He said that Arsenal is on the right track as they are winning games even if they are not convincing on the pitch. He said that the team is not that fluent when going forward, but he believes that this will improve in the weeks to come.

He said that there are still some good players such as Danny Welbeck and Aaron Ramsey who are injured and he believes that the team will become stronger when they return. The goalkeeper said that he is also working hard on the training ground as he wants to improve in order to help the team win their first title since more than 12 years.

Speaking of the Champions League, he said that the objective of the team is to go as far as they can and for this they need to avoid making the same mistake as last season where they made a slow start to the campaign. He said that it is important that they win their remaining games in the group stage so as to finish top of their group.