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Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech bemoans unclear offside rules

Arsenal shot-stopper Petr Cech has criticised the recent changes made to the offside rule which has confused both the players and the officials on the playing field.

Initially the rules were clear and simple with the player deemed offside, should he be ahead of the opponent’s backline. However, this has changed over the years with the new rule suggesting that the player should directly interfere with the ball or hold an unfair advantage to be adjudged offside.

When asked about his opinion on the offside rule, Cech wrote: "Offside changes ... it made it too difficult and not clear for the officials and players..." The Champions League winner is not the only one who is critical about the rule after former Chelsea teammate Gary Cahill deemed it as ‘crazy’ after Alexis Sanchez’s goal was allowed in the FA Cup final in May despite Aaron Ramsey being in an offside position close to the ball.

“That offside rule is a crazy rule,” he said via The Guardian. “You can look to go to the ball and veer off and then you’re not offside. It is the maddest rule I have ever seen. "If he is not there, and it does not affect things, then maybe Thibaut [Courtois] comes out and grabs the ball."

Players from the Premier League are not entirely content with what constitutes being offside, but the 35-year-old will have no complaints over last season’s FA Cup final result as his team ran victors against Chelsea by a 2-1 scoreline. Cech was stranded on the bench for the Wembley showpiece, but he joined the celebrations after the game as he bagged his fifth FA Cup title in English football – four of them coming with ex-club Chelsea. Cech will have the chance to secure his second Community Shield medal next month when the Gunners take on his ex-club at Wembley, where they have a 100 percent record in recent seasons.