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Arsenal first choice goalkeeper Petr Cech has said that goalkeepers require good football boots a lot despite using their hands a lot more.

The player holds the record of the highest number of clean sheets in the history of top flight football in England. As at January 2017, the record stands at 185 and counting.

The former Chelsea player has maintained seven clean sheets this term after 22 Premier League matches. This term he has allowed 23 goals at the North London outfit. The 34-year old has been instrumental to Arsenal’s climb to the second place in the League.

“Boots are as important as gloves, because as a goalkeeper you make a lot of violent movements,” he said. The player uses Puma boots and was speaking about how them have helped him maintain clean sheets despite not doing much with his legs on the football pitch.

Cech has maintained many times that Arsenal are still in the race for the title despite many ruling them out of the top three due to their history. Star players Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil are yet to sign with the club and a poor finish in tournaments this term could see them exit the side. Arsenal, who need their best legs to win titles, might be strong armed into agreeing to the demands of the players.

Cech earlier asked the Emirates setup to show both players how they really want them as contract talks extends. Cech feels the duo want Arsenal to competing and winning titles and the lack thereof is forcing them to reconsider signing new deals. Sanchez has a long list of admirers and would even be able to get a long term deal. How the club ends the season would surely influence their decision if they don’t agree to it before then.