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Although it will be a difficult feat to achieve, Petr Cech believes that Chelsea are capable and have what it takes to remain UEFA Champions League winners even next season. The Blues were crowned the champions of Europe last season after they were able to defeat Pep Guardiola Manchester City following a good run in the competition that saw them impress their fans. Their Champions Legaue triumph may not have been expected by a lot of people, but it earned them the respect that they deserved for becoming the best team in the competition.

Blues former goalkeeper Petr Cech has revealed that even though it will be tough to achieve, he believes that Thomas Tuchel and his men have the pedigree to retain the title. The former Czech international goalkeeper revealed this in a recent interview with the club's official YouTube channel, stating that there are a lot of talented players in the squad who have unique features and characteristics, making each of them an important member of the squad.

He also added that he knows quite well that there are other top teams in the competition that also have what it takes to win the title but urged the Blues to be very persistent in their pursuit of success.

Cech also stated that the team would have to work hard to make sure that they become the first team after Real Madrid to retain the title, after Zinedine Zidane guided the Los Blancos to consecutive European title victories. No team has been able to do it since then and if Chelsea manage to achieve it, it would further boost their pedigree as one of the best teams in the world, especially at the moment. When asked if Chelsea will be making any big signings, Cech refused to comment.