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Cech considers International Retirement

Petr Cech has confirmed that he is contemplating the prospect of retiring from international football in order to focus on his club career.

The Czech Republic goalkeeper is about to enter the final few years of his club career. Even though recently goalkeepers have started playing beyond the 38 or even into the 40s, it has largely been made possible due to the lack of international football. Doing away with the international action means that players get the opportunity to recuperate during the off-season. Cech might seem to appreciate a break in the summer, but he has been involved in the Euro 2016 with Czech Republic.

The small nation does not have a lot of success when it comes to international tournaments, but the European Championship provides the possibility to progress further in a competition rather than the World Cup or other tournaments. The Euro 2016 might be the last international tournament for Cech, as the 34-year-old claims that he will make a decision on his international future in the next three weeks. If he retires, the national team will have to find a proper successor before the start of the World Cup qualification in September. It will be a hard task given that Cech has given no troubles and exceptional quality in the last decade.

"Nothing has changed compared to what I said at the start of preparations. Once I've gotten over the current disappointment, I will sit down and think about what to do.I'll try to decide as soon as possible because of the start of the new [World Cup] qualifiers, so that the coach knows in advance. The outcome of the tournament for me does not play a role. My decision will not depend on how we finished, but how I feel," said the former Chelsea shot stopper.