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Greg Clarke clarifies that he will leave it to the national coach Big Sam to decide what aim the team should be working towards as he is a Football guy and he understands Football better.

The previous president Dyke had told Sam that he would like to see England emerge as the champions of the world in 6 years’ time on the Qatari soil, but, Clarke will not give Sam any target at all. He says that as president, he will just try and help Sam work with ease.

As per Clarke, if he was the president at the time Hodgson had walked away and was in charge of selecting next coach, it was still going to be someone from England getting the job and not a foreign man. In fact, it was going to be Sam only and none else.

Regarding Dyke, Clarke opines that Dyke was a great servant of the association and easily one of the best presidents to date, but, he is not the same type of president as Dyke. He likes listening to people, getting people on the same page for a certain objective and making all efforts for fulfilment of that objective.

There have already been noticeable changes, with FA Cup tickets for the Semis and Final at Wembley already up for sale to keen fans, allowing websites such as www.livefootballtickets.com to offer fans the chance to realise their dreams.

The chief of the panel which nominated Clarke to the post was all praise for him for his success in his earlier roles and revealed that there was no opposition at all from any quarter regarding the 59-year old filling the vacant top position. It was a thumbs-up from everybody.

He was quoted saying, “Each and every board member gave his consent for Greg to be seated at the top spot with the expectation that he would step up to the plate and excel again as he has excelled previously working in different roles especially that of the head of Football League.”