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Chelsea won their 3rd consecutive Premier League match after defeating Tottenham with a resounding 4-0 final scoreboard and now the team of Jose Mourinho is currently located at the top of the league but Petr Cech has revealed that despite going through such a fine form they still aren’t favorites on winning the title.

"The four or five teams that are very close to each other all have a chance to win the title. The way it has gone this season, anything can happen. Manchester City still are the favorites and there are teams pushing to be as close as possible. We still have to play most of them so we need to make sure we do well in the face-to-face games."

“We are going game by game, we keep saying that and that’s actually what we’ve been doing. We will try to stay on top of the league as long as we can. There’s plenty of football to be played but we are in the position where we would like to finish the season.

“City has enough experience and quality in their squad to win their games in hand, and it’s up to them to do that. We are in a good position, we go game by game and we try to do our best.” Cech told the press.

Chelsea was knocked out of the FA Cup as they played against Manchester City last month and goals from Stevan Jovetic and Samir Nasri was enough for City to eliminate Chelsea out of the tournament which gives Mourinho and his players more time to focus and concentrate solely on the Premier League.