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Chelsea’s PetrCech in tought Position

Chelsea’s PetrCech is in a tough position as the veteran Czech shot-stopper has had to settle with a place on the sidelines of the Premier League club and watch how a younger version of him takes center stage.

PetrCech has already proved in countless occasions that he still has what it takes to play a very high level as he was used in Chelsea’s Premier League match against Everton which was played on February 11 at Stamford Bridge but the Czech goal-keeper is eager on making more appearances on a consistent basis instead of only being selected in a few matches.

At the age of 32, Cech is at a period where he should start considering where he will be spending the last few years of his career and Stamford Bridge is not the best possibility for him as ThibautCourtois is playing better and better.

Christophe Lollichon is the goalkeeping coach of PetrCech and Lollichon has admitted that these past few months have not been easy for him.

"Of course it's difficult for Cech, who has been first-choice for 14 years in the clubs he's been at and who has been voted the Premier League's best goalkeeper several times, to be passed by a 22-year-old kid. He's a great pro who doesn't complain to the press, and who prepares himself as if he were going to play the next match."Lollichon said as he revealed details concerning the current situation of PetrCech.

Players who are reaching the last few years of their respective careers are usually thinking about retiring and hanging up their boots on a high note and this won’t happen for PetrCech if he decides to stay at Stamford Bridge.

There is no doubt whatsoever that top European clubs would be interested in signing the experienced shot-stopper if he becomes available in the upcoming transfer window as he still has what it takes to perform against any team or player in the world.