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Rudy Garcia Satisfied With His Team’s Performance

Rudi Garcia, manager of the club AS Roma, said that he is content with his team’s performance in the match against Bayern Munich despite his team losing the match 2-0. Garcia said that his team was not afraid of the opponent team.

Roma’s game plan for the match against Bayern Munich was essentially a defensive one. They chose such a strategy to avoid a horrible defeat like the one they suffered in the match against the same opponent two weeks ago at Allianz Arena. Roma lost 7-1 against Bayern Munich in that match.
According to Garcia the performance of his team was good. The team played fearlessly according to Garcia and he said that his team counterattacked as well.

Garcia said that Bayern Munich managed to score two goals on two and a half attempts but as Manuel Neuer was Bayern’s goalkeeper, they didn’t have a real chance to score.

According to Garcia, there are very few goalkeepers in the world at present who are as good as Manuel Neuer.

Garcia said that AS Roma didn’t have a chance of winning against Bayern Munich which is an unparalleled team in the world at present because of their excellent pressing which made it impossible for Roma to possess the ball.

Garcia also said that they didn’t repeat the mistakes they made in the previous match against Bayern. He said that he is proud of his team’s performance in the match. He also said that their intention was to play in a neat and aggressive manner.

Daniele De Rossi admitted that it was known to them that defeating Bayern Munich would be an impossible task but every player tried to perform to the best of their ability nevertheless.

De Rossi also said that it must not be forgotten that the team doesn’t have its important players which is one of the reasons behind the team’s weakness.