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Lampard embarks on a TV career

Frank Lampard is regarded to be as the best or one of the best players who has worn the Chelsea jersey and the impact that he has made in the Premier League club will never be forgotten as the Englishman cemented his place in the history-books of Chelsea by becoming the top goal-scorer of the club and made over 400 appearances.

In this period of time, Lampard was able to lift a number of titles including: Champions League and Premier League just to name a few of them.

It’s been over 1 year since Lampard officially announced his retirement from playing at the international stage and his time at club level is almost over as well. Lampard has a contract with New York City which extends until July 2017 and it’s very likely that the Englishman will decide to hang up his boots and retire all together.

Even though Lampard is reaching the final stages of his career, the iconic figure of Chelsea is embarking on a new chapter of his life as he has signed up with a TV talent agency and from the looks of it, he will be starting a job in the world of sports media.

Lampard has already appeared on numerous occasions in analytical sections of TV shows and things of this nature. Gary Neville is a renowned figure in the world of football who has done something similar to this as the former Manchester United player took up a job as a punter and commentator for matches after having decided to hang up his boots and it rumored that Lampard will be following a similar path to this one.

No matter what Frank Lampard decides to do after retiring from football, he will certainly get the support of the fans that he has gained throughout his entire playing career and especially those from Chelsea which is where Lampard made a name for himself and made his voice be heard after becoming one of the more consistent players in the sport for successive years.