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Will Bendtner move to Copenhagen?

NicklasBendtner was released from his former club Wolfsburg on April 25 of 2016, even though his contract with the German outfit had initially lasted until 2017, his deal was cut short as he failed to make an impact with the team and Wolfsburg announced that they opted to let Bendtner go as he became a free agent.

Shortly after Bendtner was offloaded from Wolfsburg, the CEO of the club Klaus Allofs revealed details concerning the 28 year old Danish player and Klaus Allofs stated that signing NicklasBendtner was a failed experiment from Wolfsburg as he said:

"Signing Bendtner was an experiment and it was not a successful one. Bendtner was a gamble worth taking. He was an extraordinary talent. We were envious of Arsenal when Nicklas was still a young player. But talent alone is not enough. Nicklas is a divisive figure; he is hurting his own career. Of course, we are upset and disappointed that he was unable to fulfill his potential at Wolfsburg."

Bendtner remains being a free agent but it has been recently revealed that ever since he was offloaded from Wolfsburg, the Danish attacker has been training with FC Copenhagen. The 28 year old player wants to regain his fitness and stay in shape; this is one of the main reasons of why it’s believed that Bendtner has opted to train on a regular basis with Copenhagen.

Reports and rumors have emerged linking NicklasBendtner with a move to Copenhagen but taking into consideration the recent problems that the Danish striker has gone through, it remains uncertain if any club would be interested in making a move for a player who has had discipline issues.

When Bendtner used to perform for Wolfsburg, he was breached on two occasions in relation to problems that popped up during training sessions.

A player that has recently been fined for disciplinary issues and that has been performing at an underwhelming level is not something that a manager would like to sign but if Bendtner does have a close relationship with FC Copenhagen then a move to the Danish club is indeed possible.