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Petr Cech Affirms His Next Move

Petr Cech, the former Premier League goalkeeper retired from football in 2019 but he surely hasn’t stopped putting a break between posts. He shifted to ice hockey after he hung up his boots and in 2019 signed for Guildford Phoenix. The former goalkeeper keeps playing in his spare time while he served as a performance and technical advisor at Chelsea. Nevertheless, after the club takeover as Todd Boehly replaced Roman Abramovich, Cech gave up his role.

Now, he is focusing on ice hockey full-time and has signed NIHL South Division 1 side Chelmsford Chieftains for the season 2022-23. He has won all there is to win with the Phoenix the previous year, and now stepped up the division to be the netminder for Chieftans.

This month, the Chieftans announced their signing with Cech as they came off the back of a popular treble-winning season with the Phoenix. However, he is replacing Surrey for Essex as his impressive hockey journey continues.
Mark Saunders, the head coach of the Chieftans reflected on the signing and stated that having a netminder of Petr’s caliber and experience come into their team is a big boost for them. Petr brings on a winning mentality and a desire to compete each time he is on the ice. Mark Saunder says that the team is looking forward to seeing him added to the group in this campaign.
Cech admitted that he is all set to take on the new test and expects to help them achieve success in the present season. He has said that he is excited about the challenge with the team and looks forward to helping the squad reach their goal for the season.
Cech is one of the best goalkeepers of all time in the Premier League but he is not switching to ice hockey.