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Petr Cech has paid tribute to Chelsea’s John Terry

Petr Cech spent 11 seasons playing alongside with John Terry as they both competed as teammates in Stamford Bridge as performers of Chelsea.

That’s over 300 appearances in which they helped the English Premier League club in winning the UEFA Champions League trophy during the season of 2011-12 and 4 Premier League titles as well as many other pieces of silverware.

John Terry has recently admitted that he will be leaving Chelsea after 22 years in Stamford Bridge and Petr Cech voiced his thoughts concerning his former partner as the veteran shot-stopper posted on his Instagram account:

"Just to say how privileged I was to have shared so many great memories with this man on and off the pitch. It was a pleasure!

‘’Hats off for all he has done and wish him all the best for the future!
True legend and Captain with a capital C."

The Arsenal shot-stopper Petr Cech had nothing but praise towards John Terry and hopes that his former comrade continues adding more titles to his already illustrious career. Petr Cech’s time spent in Stamford Bridge was a very successful period of time as they lifted some of the most prestigious pieces of silverware in the world of football and Chelsea was able to consistently snatch a top 4 spot in the English Premier League.

One of the main reasons of why this period of time was so successful and impressive for Chelsea is due to John Terry and his defensive partnership with John Terry.

Unfortunately for Petr Cech, ever since he left Chelsea back on 2015 and joined Arsenal, the Czech shot-stopper has struggled trying to replicate his success of Chelsea as Arsenal has not won any truly big piece of silverware in over 10 years.