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Petr Cech reveals conversations with Brighton goalkeepers

Former Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech has recently been seen visiting Brighton’s training ground in order to have an interactive session with the goalkeepers. Known for his decorative career that saw him make more than 800 appearances – most of which for Chelsea – and pick up numerous honours including the Champions League,Cech is currently free to take up new rules after quitting Chelsea as the technical and performance advisor a few months ago. Since his retirement from the game in 2018,Cech came back to Chelsea in an advisory role in 2019. However, it was brought to an abrupt end in the summer after the club was taken over by Todd Boehly.

Now, the 40-year-old has been brought to the Seagulls by his former coach at Arsenal,Salvatore Bibbo. After heading over to the bright in training ground,Cech met with Tom Mc Gill, Jason Steele, Robert Sanchez. After the meeting,Cech made it no secret of the fact that he is a big admirer of Robert Sanchez, who is the number one at the club. The 25-year-old has been able to maintain the spot for the last two years. He has been one of the big players who has risen from being a relative unknown a few years ago. Now, Brighton are challenging for a top half finish thanks to the brilliance of players like Sanchez.

"Sal [Bibbo] wanted me to come and share my mental preparation and the obstacles that you have as a goalkeeper growing up and going through the youth system. We had a good discussion about the things you might encounter. I was fortunate to have won a few things during my career, so it was nice to be able to speak about those experiences with the boys. I answered a few of the questions they had,” said Cech.