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Tony Carr warns Declan Rice on joining the big guns of European football

Declan Rice has given an exceptional performance in this season which has pavedthe way for interests from several big clubs of Europe. Former West Ham player Tony Carr has warned Rice about the move to big clubs saying that he has more time to do that. He has been released from Chelsea’s youth academy in 2013 and later West Ham took him in where he has improved passing through the upper ranks.

Chelsea has shown interest in him and his teammate has said that the player could reach the next level of performance if he is playing with bigger players. He has also picked out interest from Manchester United as the return to Chelsea still stands out.

Carr has said that he hopes the player will not leave the club as to him it seems like the player is enjoying his time at the club. The youngster is on the developing stage to a top footballer which can be observed from the goal against Watford.
“You could see the look on his face, the pleasure it gave him. And the hug he gave to David Moyes on the touchline when the goal went in sends great signs and signals he’s happy there and wants to stay.”
The former footballer is concerned that when a larger amount of transfer money is offered the agents tend to go to the other club. The loyalty to the playing club could be forgotten. He hopes that the player will not fall for it and will make the statement saying that he is happy to stay at West Ham.
Later he has advised Rice as he believes that the player will be needed to make some difficult decision in the future. He has asked him to stay where he is and he has enough time to play for the big clubs in Europe.